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Online Resume

Abraham Cuenca
Los Angeles, CA


Full-Stack developer candidate skilled in writing, clean, testable UI code. Experienced with React, jQuery, Node, vanilla JavaScript, and mobile-first responsive development with HTML5 and CSS3. Experienced with modern tooling and excited to pick up the right tools for the job.


  • Advanced:
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Node.Js
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Git
    • GitHub
    • NPM
    • REST APIs
  • Proficient:
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • TDD with Mocha, Jasmine, and Karma
    • Webpack
    • Browserify
    • ES6
  • Complimentary:
    • Written & Verbal communication
    • Project Management
    • Photography
    • Ukelele

Recent Projects

TeachersAid | Fullstack Developer

Web application that allows independent schools and day-care centers manage students. Tech Used: JavaScript ES6, MongoDb, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, Redux, passport.js, jsonwebtoken, Heroku, Netlify, MLab, Travis CI, Github, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme

Neighborly App, Fullstack Developer

Community-based trading site that encourages interaction between neighbors. Tech Used: JavaScript ES6, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, BCrypt.js, jsonwebtoken, passport.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku, MLab, Travis CI, Github, Mocha, Chai


Edmunds.com, Inc.

Working on the CarCode project

YourWebDevGuy, Inc.

  • Redesigning a non-functional PHP/MySQL faxing solution which had been abandoned and rewriting it in Python and JavaScript. Tech Used: PostgreSQL, Falcon, PyVips, Hug API, PeeWee ORM, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, RabbitMQ, Celery, Kubernetes
  • Developed a Reporting Dashboard for a Law Firm that integrated with a database for a legacy system. Prior to the dashboard reporting was exported from a terminal-based application to a csv which was then imported into Excel. Not only did this improve productivity but recuperate thousands of dollars by providing visibility for uncollected invoices. Tech Used: AWS, SQL Server, C# ASP.NET MVC5, jQuery, Infragistics.

Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.

  • Managed team of three consisting of an Oracle DBA, a Senior Programmer Analyst, and an HRIS report developer. Implemented Agile development and Kanban workflow. Assigned tasks, lead requirement review meetings, and ensured team member’s understanding of requirements and proposed designs. Tech Used: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket
  • Implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Bitbucket and Pipelines which reduced bugs in production. Tech Used: Bitbucket, Pipelines
  • Worked closely with Business Owners throughout the development life-cycle ensuring designs met customer requirements
  • In an extremely short time-frame, converted HR data from Ceridian to UltiPro writing various ETL scripts which saved over $80k in Data Conversion Fees. Tech Used: SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services
  • Developed an MVP for digitizing scanned hand-printed timesheets and stored them in a database for processing. This also integrated with the existing payroll system This would reduce manual data-entry for 8,000 daily sign-in shee
  • Developed an Auditing Matrix that centralized data from external systems including Taleo, UltiPro, UDES, Oracle OBIEE, Oracle Financials and Valiant Vision which would pass through an auditing process to ensure data integrity via cross-validated. Tech Used: SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Data Quality Services, Oracle Rg11, C#, Python.

Riotap Health Informatics, LLC.

  • Designed and developed an MVP for HEDIS Measures & Medicare STAR rating reporting application which integrated with an existing eHealth Electronic Managed Care system. Tech used: SQL Server, Mongo, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js
  • Wrote End-User documentation for an existing eHealth system which was previously undocumented. This resulted in an increase of customer satisfaction. Tech Used: Confluence.

Mahfouz Michael MD, Inc.

  • Developed a Call Center Application that replaced a collection of excel spreadsheets and improved productivity by 50% and prevented data loss by centralizing the logs in a database. Tech used: PHP, Laravel and jQuery
  • Developed Middleware applications that exchanged data between Medinformatix and a desktop application developed in-house. This synchronized records between the primary EMR system and an appointment application which helped the Medical Assistants conduct paperless bookings. Tech used: C#. WinForms, SQL Server 2005.
  • Wrote database ETL scripts to migrate data from Medinformatix to Sage Intergy which helped save over $10k in Data Conversion Fees.


Engineering Immersion

  • Learned industry best practices and practical software development standards with a focus on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, React, React-Native, Redux, GraphQL, and Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Created and deployed mobile-first applications while learning new languages and frameworks by collaborating several hours every day with senior web developers.

Elm/Elixir Course

Pragmatic Studio
  • Learned how use Elm and its funcitonal style which compiles down to javascript, creating multi-chain fuctions, currying, state records, type aliases, maps, message passing, list transformations and creating decoders.
  • Learned to use Elixir and its high-level transformations, immutable data, structs, recursion, enum, comprehensions, using phenoix, using ExUnit for unit testing,